Ready for some time at the beach? Who isn’t? But before venturing out to any of California’s beautiful beaches, keep in mind that this is a unique summer season. Check this list, which is regularly updated, to see which beaches are currently open. Also, with our need to socially distance these days, here are three things to avoid at the beach this summer:

1. Crowds

Our California beaches are beautiful, relaxing places enjoyed by many. This means that things can become crowded, especially at our more well-known destinations, such as Huntington and Newport Beaches—also some of Uptown Fullerton’s closest ones! Current guidelines direct you to stay at least six feet apart from people living outside your immediate household. Masks are required at some beaches, so do your research on the current guidelines so you can come prepared. Also, consider going to one of California’s lesser-known beaches—again, check this list to see if the beach of your choice is open.

2. Beach Sports

If you’re used to playing volleyball or frisbee with other beach-goers, you may want to reconsider—unless you all live within the same household. We are still learning about the transmission of COVID-19, so it’s safest to avoid these group sports. Instead, engage in beach activities that don’t require direct contact with others such as walking, surfing, or swimming. There’s plenty you can do to still enjoy the beach while also helping to slow the spread of the disease.

3. Food-Sharing

Bringing food to share at the beach, like a bag of potato chips or trail mix, is part of the experience! But, with COVID-19, you may want to cut down on this practice for a bit, as germs spread quickly by mouth. That’s not to say you can’t still bring food to share. Just do a little prep-work ahead of time and have each person’s portion individually wrapped. If you need ideas for the perfect foods to bring to the beach, check out this list. And enjoy your beach picnic!

Even though this summer is a little different than we expected, we can still have a great time enjoying California’s beautiful beaches and weather. By avoiding crowds, beach sports, and food-sharing, you’ll be doing your part to promote good health within your family and California!