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Bulletin Board

Welcome Home

Please save the following phone numbers!

Leasing Office: 714-529-3944

Maintenance Emergency: 714-743-2667

Fullerton Police Department: 714-738-6700 (non-emergency)

Fullerton Fire Department: 714-738-6500 (non-emergency)

Southern CA Edison: 800-655-4555

Renter's Insurance: 800-548-1616

To' and Mo' 949-448-7800

St. Mark Private Security, Inc. 714-398-4174


Construction Update

Seal and Stripe is 65% completed 

Pool C and D construction will begin January, 2018 and will be completed in February 2018. Pool C is estimated to be completed on March 15 and Pool D is estimated to be completed on April 15.  

Landscaping design is in progress and work will begin in February 2018.

Construction is always estimated based on priority and product availability. Dates can vary.  We appreciate your patience! Come visit and see our updated Leasing Office or spend a day relaxing by the upgraded A and B pools!


Completed Construction Projects

Exterior Paint

Aslphalt Work 

Flow Line and Concrete 


Wood Repair 


Saflock Upgrade 



Roof Replacement

Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball Court

Pools A & B including new cabanas, dining areas, and furniture 

Nature Dog Park

Garage Door Replacements

Patio Upgrades 

Tree trimming 

Fence installation around the sports courts and toddler park 

We have removed all dry grass, brush, dead trees, etc. from the dam spill way separating sections A and B.

Completed over 220 Apartment Home renovations 

All projects were started September 1, 2016. We appreciate your patience during these projects and hope you are enjoying these enhancements to the community. 



Show us how you #ilivehappy at our community! 


Patio and Balcony Reminders

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts about your patio or balcony!


  • Plant approved Flowers, Vegetables, and plants
  • Put down rocks, bark, or AstroTurf
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Have Umbrellas that match our community colors


  • Leave trash sitting
  • Put anything on the fence
  • Store items outside of your space

Please call the Leasing Office with any questions!


Join us and go Straw Free

Top Reasons to say "No" to Plastic Straws
1. Straws kill marine life
2. Everyday more than 500 million straws are thrown away in the US alone. 
3. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. 

The problem with plastic straws: not compostable, not recyclable, just straight up trash. Join us in going straw free! 


Breathe Easy

We are a non-smoking community! Smoking, which includes vaping, is not allowed in the apartment, or on the grounds.


Live Healthy
Live Green

5 Tips to Live Green!

  1. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth
  2. Use reusable cups and straws
  3. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot
  4. Turn off lights when you leave the room
  5. Pay bills online


Live Happy® Live Uptown Fullerton
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