The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an increase in pet ownership, especially for apartment renters. According to a recent survey of 22,000 apartment and student-housing renters, 20 percent of non-pet owners planned to get a pet in 2021, and 26 percent of those who already had a pet planned to get another! 

Are you planning on living with pets in an apartment? Here are three tips to make apartment living with pets easy.

1. Find the Right Apartment

First things first: You need to find a pet-friendly apartment complex. If you are looking for apartments that allow pets in Fullerton, California, we’ve got you covered. Uptown Fullerton Apartment Homes is a pet-friendly apartment community; we allow a variety of pets, including hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, cats, and dogs up to 50 pounds. Other pets can be approved by management. In addition, we have a dog park and pet waste stations throughout the property, making it easy to play with your pets and clean up after them.

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

Being organized makes life easier, especially when caring for pets in limited space. Your pets might have a lot of food, supplies, and toys, so take some time to find a place for these things in your apartment. Keep the supplies in storage bins, store the food and snacks in air-tight containers, and put away toys that don’t need to be lying around. 

Of course, you should also make room for your pets. Dogs often need to have their “safe space,” where they can be alone and rest, whether that is a crate, a dog bed, or a corner of the apartment. Cats prefer to be up high, so consider getting them a cat tower to play and rest on. Whatever your pets’ needs are, be sure to designate spaces for them.

3. Decorate Carefully

To make sure your pets stay safe and your apartment stays tidy, it’s essential to keep your pets in mind as you decorate. That means avoiding decorating with things that might break easily, using washable or stain-resistant fabrics, and not leaving things out that are harmful to pets, such as certain plants or items with chemicals.

These simple steps will make living in pet-friendly apartments with your pets so much easier. If you are still searching for apartments that allow pets, contact Uptown Fullerton today. We would be thrilled to welcome you and your pets!