How clean is the air inside your home? According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is in the top five environmental dangers. The EPA estimates that indoor air can have nearly five times the amount of pollutants as outdoor air—and some homes may face up to 100 times more!


In honor of National Clean Air Month, here are five ways you can improve the air quality in your apartment.


1. Open the Windows

Opening your windows and doors is a great way to let some clean air in! Even just a few minutes can circulate enough fresh air to not only cut down on the contaminants in your air but also help you cut back on cooling costs.


5. Reduce VOCs

Did you know that many furniture items and cleaning supplies can create pollutants in the air in your apartment? These pollutants are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are linked to both mild and serious health complications. Selecting high-quality furniture and textiles manufactured with natural ingredients (that declare low VOC levels) help to reduce your exposure to these VOCs. In addition, consider making your own natural cleaning products. They are safe, clean well, and both your health and wallet will thank you!


3. Run an Air Purifier

An air purifier is another great way to improve your air quality. Air purifiers help to sanitize allergens and toxins from the air. Certain versions also filter particles out of the air. If you use an air purifier, make sure it is large enough to reach all of the air in the room it’s in. You may need multiple units in your home or a larger unit to benefit your entire apartment and provide clean air.


4. Diffuse Essential Oils

It may be time to purchase a diffuser! Diffusers can help clean your apartment air as essential oils have been shown to hinder the growth bacteria in the air. Along with having fresh air, you’ll also be able to enjoy the other benefits of essential oils, like stress reduction and pleasant scents


5. Keep Houseplants

You may want to consider adding some houseplants that clean air to your apartment’s decor. A number of houseplants have been shown to effectively remove toxins—like formaldehyde and benzene—from the air. Pick a plant variety that will thrive in the natural light conditions that are present in your home, and be aware that certain plants could be harmful to pets and children. Do your research and be selective based on your circumstances!


Cleaner air is the beginning to a healthier you! By implementing these five steps, you can enjoy cleaner air this month and all year long!